Archiwum | Lipiec, 2011

Jestem Uczenie Polski!

11 Lip

I’ve taken the plunge. Dove into the deep end; I am learning Polish. It has been on my to-do list for a while, but I never really committed to it for various reasons weak-ass excuses. So what changed? I bought Benny’s excellent Language Hacking Guide that’s what – and it gave me the kick up the rear end that I needed.

I’ll review the guide after I work through it all, but suffice to say; it’s simple, practical and it works. What more could you want from a learning system? It’s simple because it just tells you to get on with it. Immerse yourself in your „target language” and start speaking it right away. And – despite all the stuff (read:rubbish) you were taught in school/college/other courses – it’s easier than it sounds.

So with Facebook set to „Polski” and a new blog to chart my progress, it’s onwards and upwards – na zdrowie!