Archiwum | Sierpień, 2012

Several Weak-Ass Excuses…

2 Sier

…And 12 months later, I’m not really getting anywhere with my Polish language learning. I never really found anyone to regularly converse with, despite having a Polish cousin! Okay, I’m being harsh on myself now. She lives in England and writing in Polish is a whole different ball game compared to talking in Polish.

I have tried to find an actual Polish language course. Living in an area with a relatively high population of Polish immigrants, you’d think the local college would have put something together. Not so… The Polish lessons I have found in the community died out with the inexplicable disappearance of the Polish tutors. At time of writing we seem to have misplaced 3 of them!

So about that „relatively high population of Polish immigrants” thing. Why aren’t I conversing with them you might ask. Yeah… Weak-ass excuse #1 – „I’m too shy.”

Anyway, a little over a year later and I’ve decided to pick it all up again. Facebook is back to displaying in „Polski”, the phrase book is back out, and I’m actually helping a local Polish guy set up his Facebook business page. Maybe he can help me with my Polish. At the very least it will help with weak-ass excuse #1.

Once more unto the breach… Wish me „powodzenia”!